Water Quality Association of Wisconsin Water Drop

ALERT - February 2016


Bottled water is legally considered a food. What does that mean for licensing requirements?

Wisconsin licensing of bottled water operations can be confusing, but here are some general guidelines.

These are only broad guidelines, though. Each business has its own set of circumstances.The Division of Food Safety, housed in the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, is eager to assist any business that has questions regarding licensing and regulations pertaining to their unique operation.

Please contact DATCPLicensing Food Scientists at (608) 224-4923 or via email at datcpdfslicensing@wisconsin.gov. They will ask you specific questions regarding your operation and discuss the applicable rules. We look forward to working with you to continue our mission as a partner for food safety.


What is the Water Quality Association of Wisconsin?

The Water Quality Association of Wisconsin is a trade association representing water conditioners and suppliers in the State of Wisconsin. Members include retail water conditioning dealers, salt suppliers, and water conditioning equipment manufacturers.

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